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Hello and Welcome! My name is Jeff and I am the creator of this website. I started this site first and foremost because I love to ride and Santa Barbara offers some of the best riding available. It is my sincerest hope you will find a ride you have never been on and enjoy it as much as I have!

I'm a software engineer by trade, currently 39 years old and enjoy Motorcycling, Bicycling, Brewing, Photography and Antique Watch Repair. I've been riding motorcycles since about the age of 13 (racing motocross) and currently ride a Honda Shadow Spirit 750, which is the bike I am on for the majority of the street rides featured on this site. If you are ever in the area drop me an ( ) and perhaps we can hookup for a ride.

If you care to visit my personal website it is located at JeffreyDonovan.com.

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