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For return visitors this page provides a quick, at-a-glance update on new rides or features added to the site. As the site itself was born in August of 2002, new items will be listed beginning in September 2002, with the most recent additions listed first.

07/26/2003 - Added West Camino Cielo, A short 4.1 mi. road (although it feels like more) that like it's cousin East Camino, features some of the best views Santa Barbara has to offer. Unfortunately and also like East Camino Cielo, the road conditions are quite poor.
Hi Bandwidth: West Camino Cielo Lo Bandwidth:West Camino Cielo

06/08/2003 - Added a new section to the site, "Road Closures". I had been posting notice of all road closures in this section but some people were missing them and planning rides for closed roads (or for roads in which I also posted detours around the closures). Hopefully this new section will allow a quick "at-a-glance" reference for current road closures in the area.

01/25/2003 - It's getting real green in the county! Typical of Southern/Central California in January, high pressure has kept the sun shining. Due to the decent amounts of rain in November and December of 2002 we have an early spring, with everything looking lush and green.

11/22/2002 - A short 5.3 mi. road full of twisties. Stagecoach road is probably one of the county's most famous roads as it is part of the historical stage couch route and the home of The Cold Springs Tavern.
Hi Bandwidth: Stagecoach Road Lo Bandwidth:Stagecoach Road

11/18/2002 - Added local weather page at: Local Weather

10/19/2002 - Added Alisal Road. 8.5 Miles of wonderful twisties and straights.
Hi Bandwidth: Alisal Road Lo Bandwidth:Alisal Road

10/14/2002 - Added Hwy 192. A nice 30.5 mile ride through the backside of Carpenteria, Monetcito, Santa Barbara and Goleta.
Hi Bandwidth: Hwy 192 Ride Lo Bandwidth:Hwy 192 Ride

09/28/2002 - Added Sweeney Road, a fantasic 6.7 mile ride off of Hwy 246.
Hi Bandwidth: Sweeney Rd Lo Bandwidth:Sweeney Rd

09/28/2002 - Added Hwy 246, a comfortable 35 mile ride from Santa Ynez to the Pacific Ocean.
Hi Bandwidth: Hwy 246 Lo Bandwidth:Hwy 246

Friction-Zone Magazine!
09/25/2002 - A big thanks to Friction-Zone magazine for the fantastic write-up of SBC-Rides.com and Pashnit.com websites, Spotlite section, Oct. 2002 Issue.

09/16/2002 - The "What's New" section is added.

09/16/2002 - Added Biker-Cam Videos (courtesy of Walt Bunning) for Tepusquet Rd and Foxen Canyon Rd. You can see them right here by clicking on Tepusquet BikerCam or Foxen BikerCam

OR you can see them on their respective ride pages:
Hi Bandwidth: Tepusquet, Foxen Lo Bandwidth: Tepusquet, Foxen .

09/15/2002 - Added Drum Canyon Rd, a fun 9.5 mile ride connecting Hwy 246 to Hwy 135.
Hi Bandwidth: Drum Canyon Rd Lo Bandwidth: Drum Canyon Rd

09/15/2002 - Added Zaca Station Rd, a short 3 mile connector road from Hwy 154/Hwy 101 to Foxen Canyon Rd.
Hi Bandwidth: Zaca Station Rd Lo Bandwidth: Zaca Station Rd

09/07/2002 - Added three new Hwy 101 Off-Shoot Rides
  • Alisos Canyon Rd - A short 6.5 mile ride taking you from Hwy 101 to Foxen Canyon Rd.
    Hi Bandwidth: Alisos Canyon Rd Lo Bandwidth: Alisos Canyon Rd

  • Cat Canyon Rd. - A 9.2 mile ride that connects Hwy 101 to Palmer Rd.
    Hi Bandwidth: Cat Canyon Rd Lo Bandwidth: Cat Canyon Rd

  • Palmer Rd. - A short 6.7 mile ride taking you from Hwy 101 to Foxen Canyon Rd.
    Hi Bandwidth: Palmer Rd Lo Bandwidth: Palmer Rd

09/02/2002 - Added Tepusquet Rd, 16 miles of twisty bliss from Hwy 166 to Foxen Canyon.
Hi Bandwidth: Tepusquet Rd Lo Bandwidth: Tepusquet Rd

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