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Highway 1 Old Hwy 1 - The Lost Highway.

Many Riders are quite familiar with the 2 popular Highway 1 runs south of San Francisco, those being the Pacific Coast Highway run (from Santa Monica to Oxnard), and the Big Sur Run (from San Louis Obispo to San Francisco). However, it amazes me how many folks do not realize there is a fantastic stretch of Highway 1 in-between these two. Even folks local to the area are un-aware of this for the most part. For this reason I call this stretch "The Lost Highway 1".

The 2 Popular Highway 1 Runs, South of San Francisco.
The Lost Highway 1 Run

There are many rides on Lost Highway 1, and I have broken the entire run into three sections, or "Legs":

The Main Ride:

Off-Shoot Rides:

Other Highways Connecting to Hwy 1

Access Leg 1 (starting in Gaviota) of Lost Highway 1 From 101

Access Leg 3 (starting in Pismo Beach) of Lost Highway 1 From 101

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