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Highway 246 is a nice, comfortable 35 mile ride. If you're looking to just snap the throttle lock down and kick back, this may be a ride for you. If you're looking for a tight canyon run loaded with twisties, it will not satisfy your needs (although some of it's off-shoot rides might). From start to finish Hwy 246 is 35.8 miles long, stretching from Hwy 154 in Santa Ynez to the Pacific Ocean past Lompoc.

Hwy 246 also goes through the two tourists destinations of Santa Ynez and Solvang (home of the Solvang Antique Motorcycle Museum), as well as Anderson's Split Pea Soup House in Buellton. You can also use Hwy 246 to form some interesting loop combinations using Old Highway 1, Hwy 135 and Hwy 154.

The Hwy 246 Ride was shot starting at the Hwy 154 junction, heading west to the Pacific Ocean..

Hwy 246, from Santa Ynez to the Pacific Ocean.

Heading down the straights towards Santa Ynez, which is only a couple miles from the start of the ride at Hwy 154.

Santa Ynez is a rustic little town, with cafe's and shops lining each side of Sagunto Street (Santa Ynez's old main street). The town has tried to keep the look and feel of an old west outpost, and has done a very good job of it. You'll often find antique car and motorcycle enthusiasts in town.

On the way to Solvang, approaching a big fat sweeper.

This is Alisal Rd, which really marks the beginning of Solvang. From here you can pull over and eat at any number of locations, be a tourist for awhile or better yet, hang a left (south) down Alisal Rd to the Solvang Antique Motorcycle Museum. More Details about the museum can be found at the bottom of this page. The next 1 1/2 miles are stop and go traffic and you go through Solvang and dodge the tourists.

Solvang is rich in Danish tradition. The architecture, the food, the windmills, just basically every thing about the town. It is usually packed like Disney Land with tourists, but during the off-season it's quite tolerable. Everybody should experience Solvang at least once.

Back on the road, heading down another long straightaway towards Buellton.

Entering Buellton. At the second light ahead is the Hwy 101 overpass, and just beyond that is Anderson's Split Pea Soup.

I don't know of anybody in California that has not heard of Anderson's Split Pea Soup House. It's been an icon in Buellton since as long as I can remember.

Past Buellton, click the throttle lock down and kick back. Long straightaways and big wide sweepers await you. This patch shows what is probably the worst road condition on Hwy 246. The majority of the highway offers excellent road conditions.

Ranches and Farms dot the countryside and yes, California cows really do look happy...

Heading up over this big sweeper, I could not resist turning around and snapping a shot heading the opposite direction (below).

Heading the opposite direction, some fantastic mountain scenery.

Now heading down into the valley, some wide open straights await you...

You'll also pass a couple of vineyards and wineries. You can see the vineyards to the right in this picture.

Almost to Lompoc, past some apple orchards on a long straightaway.

Entering Lompoc. This is were Hwy 246 intersects Old Highway 1 for awhile. If you head south you can take Hwy 1, Leg 1 back to Hwy 101, or continue straight on Hwy 246/Hwy 1.

Near the end of Lompoc, you will come to where Hwy 1 again splits off and goes North on Leg 2 of the Old Highway 1 ride.

Farmland, flower fields, ranches, and one long, long straightaway...

Some of these farms have been around awhile.

Ever wonder how the road looks to your tire?

Nearing the end of the ride. You can see that today their is a substantial fog bank at the beach. This is quite typical and very unpredictable.

brrrrrr.....Cold Fog.

End of the line, Surf Beach. The beach is well kept and maintained, with proper facilities. However, there are no food establishments or hot dog stands of any type, so bring your own if you intend to hang out at the beach!

**Addendum to Above:

The Solvang Antique Motorcycle Museum is really wonderful, and I recommend it to anyone! Really, if your in Solvang and are a motorcyclists, you must go at least once.

From Hwy 264, head South on Alisal Rd.

Continue Down Alisal Rd until the last bigger structure on the south east side. The Museum is on the right hand side of the structure.

The Museum. There is a $5.00 admission charge and it is well worth it. For more detailed information about the Museum and its collection Click Here.

Highway 246

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