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Drum Canyon Rd (also known as 'The Drum') is a nice 9.5 mile ride connecting Hwy 246 to Hwy 135 in Los Alamos. At the time of this writing, the road conditions in the single lane sections (through the twisties) are somewhat poor but despite this, the ride is still quite fun. Should the county ever decide to repave Drum Canyon (and I will keep you posted on that), it will surely be an absolute blast.

Drum Canyon starts on 2 lane roadway, which is in good condition and then turns into tight, twisty single lane which, unfortunately, is also were the poor road conditions can be found. The scenery is typical California chaparral, with ranches and farms dotting the countryside. Traffic is very light and you will usually see more bicyclists than motorists.

The ride was shot travelling from the Hwy 246 intersection to the Hwy 135 intersection in Los Alamos.

The Drum Canyon exit is approx. 6.15 miles on Hwy 246, coming from Buellton at the Hwy 101 crossing. It is approx. 0.5 miles on Hwy 135 exiting from Hwy 101 (from the southern exit to Los Alamos. See details at the bottom of the page).

3D Contour Map 1 - The South Side
3D Contour Map 2 - The North Side

Drum Canyon Rd is well Marked on Hwy 246. However, if entering from 135 it is not obvious (see the bottom of this page for detailed instructions).

Starting off on two lane straightaways. Farm country greets you on both sides of the road.

Even in the dryness of late summer, the country side contains some lush meadows and fields. Road conditions on the two lane sections are good, although just a tad bumpy.

Now you getting into some California Chaparral on a big wide sweeper.

Last of the straights, heading into Drum Canyon.

4.2 miles into the ride the road turns to single lane. Here you can see the typical condition of the road for the remainder of the ride. A fair amount of patching, a pothole every now and then (although not too many), and some other deterioration.

Despite the road conditions, this ride is really very fun. Some real nice twisties are to be found.....

About to go on a slight elevation gain as you pass through the trees.

Looking back over this curvature....what a blast!

And looking over the lower section of the road, along with some of the ranch land scenery.

You'll find a lot of nice sweepers like this one on the ride.

Into the tree-lined roadway. Careful if you are wearing a dark-shield or glasses, dark shadows turn into bright sunlight and then back again often.

Walt Bunning (who was riding with me this day and taking biker-cam videos) powers up the grade after coming through a tight hairpin corner.

Some nice twistie action with good forward visibility. While traffic is very light, use caution in the blind corners as you will see a vehicle every now and then. Fortunately a good portion of the road has decent visibility, as with the curves below.

You'll hit a couple cattle crossing like this one at the crest of Drum Canyon. Just roll right through in a straight line and smooth, steady power. No problem.

Picture of the valley through a thicket that lines the upper roadway.

Coming down into some nice corners. Road conditions are still poor, but quite rideable regardless.

Looking down at the lower north side of Drum Canyon.

What's this? Good pavement? The road tricks you here. Apparently there was a slide a couple years back and they had to repave a 1/2 mile section after repairs were completed. Nice gentle sweeper on the good road though....

Back to the poor road conditions, the twisties start to get a bit tighter.

The worst section of the roadway. Blech. Use caution here and adjust speed accordingly. It's really not a problem but it is one section you need to be cautious on.

Wow! Nice twistie!

Nearing the bottom of the canyon, about to ride into the lower tree line.

Some really very gorgeous scenery.

Nearing the end of the ride you come to the Los Alamos Park on the east side.

If you or your bike need a break, Los Alamos Park is a real nice place to take one. Public facilities and cool, green shade.

End of the line, the historic town of Los Alamos.

If you're entering Drum Canyon from Los Alamos, you will turn unto Centennial Dr, at the flag-pole in the center of town. Centennial turns into Drum Canyon Rd.

Heading into Drum Canyon From Hwy 135 in Los Alamos.

Map details of entering Drum Canyon Rd from Hwy 101 / Hwy 135 / Los Alamos.

Hwy 246 & Hwy 135

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