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Hwy 192 is a lovely 30.5 mile ride stretching from Carpenteria to Goleta, hugging the back mountain line all the way. The ride dishes it all up; superb twisties, laid back straights, scenic landscape and excellent road conditions. Hwy 192 is well known by Santa Barbara County locals, as many of us use sections of the highway for daily commuting. Newcomers always enjoy 192 as it offers a wide selection of Santa Barbara scenery, from the farms in Carpenteria, the lush estates in Montecito and Santa Barbara, finishing in typical Goleta suburbia.

The only real downside to Hwy 192 is that it is well trafficed. Many motorists use 192 in their day to day get-about as it winds through residential areas on both east and west ends.

Hwy 192 is not quite a real highway, but a collection of roads jumbled together that form the collective Hwy 192. As such, you need to pay close attention to the signage. Most of the time the signage is excellent and there will be no confusion as to which direction to head, but there are a couple areas which need close attention.

The Hwy 192 ride was shot heading from Carpenteria at the Hwy 150 junction to west Goleta, Hwy 101. On the day I shot this particular ride, a storm from the previous day was still present and there was a good degree of cloud cover. I decided to not re-shoot the ride but to leave it as is. The reason I decided on this is that Hwy 192 is often under cloud cover because of the fact that the road hugs the lower end of the mountains, and the cloud cover will always stick by the mountains. For me, overcast skies really hit the mood for Hwy 192. Many times on a summers day, I've ridden out of the hot sun to dense, cold fog through Montecito where wood burning fireplaces are raging. The contrast at times is quite remarkable and it is what makes Hwy 192 special for me. Of course, this is not always the case; many times the weather is consistent with the surrounding area.

As a final note, Hwy 192 can be accessed by many roads which head into Carpenteria, Montecito and Santa Barbara. You can literally start or end the Hwy 192 road at almost any given mile into the ride. The 'sweet' spot of Hwy 192 (in my opinion) is from the start at Hwy 150 to the Foothill/Mission Canyon rd intersection.

Hwy 192. From Carpenteria at the Hwy 150 junction to west Goleta, Hwy 101.

The Highway 150 junction. Signage is good in both directions so it should be an easy one to spot. Head north-west on Hwy 150 (in this picture you swing to the right at the fork). The actual road name is Casitas Pass Rd.

From the start you are greeted with some excellent twisties!

The initial set of twisties then dumps you out into some wide open straightaways, through the farming/ranching community in Carpenteria.

1.7 Miles from the start at Hwy 150 is Gobernador Canyon Rd. The road is not well marked (the sign is completely buried in the trees) and you will have to pay attention if you are looking for it. Gobernator will take you back to Hwy 150, or put you onto Hwy 192 (from Hwy 150) at this spot.

Even through the straights you have a few sets of nice twisties.

The first intersection you will come to is Lindon Ave/Foothill Rd. Head north on Hwy 192 (Foothill Rd) as the sign indicates.

Through the back side of Carpenteria though a nice set of twisties.

Now into the tree-lined straightaways of Carpenteria. This really is quite gorgeous in any weather, with trees dominating the roadside.

Coming to the next intersection at Nidever Rd/Foothill Rd, again head north on Hwy 192 (Foothill Rd) as the sign indicates.

There are a few tight ones from here on, make sure to use caution if this is your first time on 192, some of these sneak up on you pretty fast...

A nice twistie through fence lined ranches. Life is good.

The Toro Canyon intersection. This is one spot that Hwy 192 is not well marked as to which direction to turn. However, like the previous intersection, head north (make a right from this picture) on Toro Canyon Rd. Coming from the other direction Hwy 192 is clearly marked, you will not miss it. Eventually you will see another turn-off for Toro Canyon Rd (yes, you will be on Toro Canyon Rd when you see the sign for Toro Canyon Rd), at which point Hwy 192 becomes East Valley Rd.

Toro Canyon Rd takes you through some fantastic twisties!

Just stunning. The tree-lined road calls to you, the bike hums, the weather is cool and crisp. There is no better way to experience a road like this than on a motorcycle.

Turning around and looking in the opposite sweet it is.

Heading on up to Toro Canyon Park though some straights and gentle sweepers.

And the twisties just don't quit!

Coming into the backside of Montecito through some nice straights, you are now on East Valley Rd, Hwy 192.

Little cottages (and big mansions) dot the roadside through Montecito. There are some really spectacular places through this stretch.

Vrooom........Long tree lined straights connect the twisties through Montecito.

Once past the trees, heavy green foliage surrounds you. It is lush and beautiful.

Nearing the town of Montecito on some nice twisties.

The north end of the Montecito township.

Immediately beyond the town of Montecito you will pass Our Lady Of Mount Carmel church. Originally built in 1856 by the early settlers of Montecito, it was an Adobe structure large enough for about 60 people. In 1898 the church was rebuilt as a larger wooden structure capable of accommodating the growing population. Finally, the current church was built in 1936/1937. The unique architectural style was patterned after the Pueblo Indian missions built in New Mexico and Arizona as early as the 17th century. The style, known as "Pueblo Revival," is a unique blend of missionary design and building techniques reminiscent of the Pueblo Indians. Pull off to the side of the road and take a moment to observe this fantastic piece of architecture and history.

Back into some fantastic twisties! Oh ya........

Your next intersection at Sycamore Canyon Rd. Once again, head north (make a right from this picture) on Hwy 192 as the sign indicates.

Though the last sections of Montecito, heading to the backside of Santa Barbara.

And it just does not quit. Another set of spectacular twisties....

Your next intersection at Sycamore Canyon/Coyote Rd. This time head south (make a left from this picture) as the sign indicates.

And another intersection at Starwood Dr. This one is not well marked (although it is if you are coming from the other direction), you want to head north east up Hwy 192.

Heading up the canyon, you are about to be greeted by a terrific set of tight twisties...

Some of these twisties are real tight, use caution if this is your first time on 192. As mentioned previously, these can sneak up on you real fast and there is a good chance you will see traffic in both directions.

Cresting the canyon and heading into some residential areas of Santa Barbara.

Your next intersection at Mission Ridge Rd. Head north west as the sign indicates (make a right from this picture).

Passing the Sheffield water reservoir, Mission Ridge Rd. turns into Mountain Drive. Mountain Drive also veers off to the east, and you can use this to get to the Gibralter/East Camino Ciello ride.

You'll catch a couple small straights and this real nice twistie before the next intersection.

The next intersection at Foothill Rd. Head north east as the sign indicates.

Some nice loamy straightaways...

Next intersection at Foothill/Mission Canyon Rd. This is really the last intersection on 192, and while the name of the road changes on the remainder of the ride, you will basically stay on a straight line to Hwy 101 from here. Head north on Foothill Rd, Hwy 192 (make a left from the picture). About 1/5 mile beyond this intersection is the west end of Mission Canyon Rd (and another stop sign). If you head west at that point, Mission Canyon Rd will take you directly to the historic Santa Barbara Mission.

Through the residential areas on the backside of Santa Barbara. A lot of straights, and traffic becomes heavier on the remainder and the residential area becomes more concentrated.

A few big wide sweepers between the straightaways.

The Hwy 154 (San Marcos Pass) intersection. Once past the freeway, Foothill Rd turns into Cathedral Oaks Rd.

Vrooooooommm.........Heading into Goleta.

Now your in the thick of Goleta residents. Take it easy, this is a family community and children will be present.

Finally coming to the west end of Goleta you are again greeted with some open farming land.

Your almost to Hwy 101 now when you come to the Calle Real Rd intersection. Head west (make a right from this picture) to get to the Hwy 101 on-ramp.

End of the line, the Hwy 101 intersection at Hollister Rd. From here you can head either north or south on Hwy 101.

If you are doing the Hwy 192 Rd starting from Hwy 101, take the Hollister Ave/Winchester Canyon exit on Hwy 101, make a right at Calle Real, then left at Cathedral Oaks. Cathedral Oaks will turn into Foothill at which point you will begin to see Hwy 192 signage.

Highway 192

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