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Alisos Canyon Rd is nice little 6.5 mile ride that takes you from Hwy 101 to Foxen Canyon Rd, about 10 miles north of Los Olivos. It offers some nice straightaways and gentle sweepers, through some scenic California ranchland. Road conditions are fair and traffic is usually very light. Alisos Canyon can also provide you with some terrific looping opportunities utilizing Foxen Canyon, Hwy 154 and Hwy 101.

The Alisos Canyon ride was shot heading from Hwy 101 to Foxen Canyon Rd.

From Hwy 101, Cat Canyon is approx. 2.5 miles south from of Los Alamos and approx. 6.0 miles north of the Hwy 101/Hwy 154 junction.

3D Contour Map

Alisos Canyon Rd is well marked on Hwy 101 from both directions.

Heading into Alisos Canyon, turning in from Hwy 101. A nice straightaway followed by a nice, wide sweeper greet you. As is typical for many Hwy 101 off-shoots near the Los Alamos area, you travel through some beautiful vineyards at the beginning of the ride.

You'll find a lot of straights and gentle sweepers on Alisos Canyon Rd., through some very nice ranchland. While road conditions are not perfect, it's very rideable at this point.

About 1/2 into the ride road conditions deteriorate. While there are no pot-holes to speak of there is heavy patching in many areas.

More happy California cows.

Down through the valley on a nice straightaway and big sweeper...

How many patches in the road do you count? Too many. It's a bit bumpy here towards the end. I certainly hope they get around to repaving this but from the number of patches here I'd hazard to guess the county is in no hurry to do so.

When you hit the double windmills you're at the end of the line, Foxen Canyon Rd. From here you can head north-west (left) and hit some of the best sections Foxen Canyon has to offer, or south-east (right) and have some fun on Foxen Canyon riding to Los Olivos. Additionally, on several occasion I've been riding Foxen Canyon only to find myself low on gas, and use Alisos Canyon to make a quick dart over to Los Alamos and fill up. Alisos Canyon also provides you with some looping opportunities utilizing Foxen Canyon, Hwy 154 and Hwy 101.

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