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Alisal Rd is terrific (albeit short) 8.5 mile ride that takes you from Hwy 101 to Hwy 246 in Solvang. If your heading down Hwy 101 and going into Solvang, or connecting to Hwy 246, this can make a real nice detour or loop connector(as it can going in the other direction as well...from Solvang to Hwy 101).

Alisal offers some excellent twisties, nice straightaways, gorgeous countryside, overall good road conditions and very light traffic. Most of the road is lined with trees and thick foliage, and different seasons will offer different scenery and colors. This ride was shot in early October and the much of the foliage had already changed to autumn colors, with bright reds, deep browns and lush green to contrast it all against.

The Alisal Rd ride was shot heading from Hwy 101 to Hwy 246 in Solvang.

Alisal Rd. From Hwy 101 to Hwy 246 in Solvang. Note that the actual exit on Hwy 101 is on Old Coast Rd (then down 1 mile to Alisal). However, most mapping programs list Old Coast Rd as La Lata Place. The actual signage on the road itself says Old Coast Rd., but I have listed it as both.

3D Contour Map

Alisal Rd is accessed from the Old Coast Rd/ La Lata Pl. exit. If you are heading north on Hwy 101, the exit is 3.5 miles from the Hwy 1/Vandenberg exit and if you are heading south on Hwy 101, it is 4.75 miles from Hwy 246 at Buellton.

The Old Coast Rd/La Lata Place exit is *NOT* well marked on Hwy 101. You really need to look for it. There are no signs on Hwy 101 to warn you about it, so if it's your first time trying to get to Alisal from Hwy 101, pay attention to the milage from Hwy 1 or Buellton (listed above) and keep a look-out for it.

Heading down Old Coast Rd/La Lata Place. This particular section is old and in poor condition. However it's just less than 1 mile until you come to Alisal.

Alisal Rd. Head east (you can only go in one direction) to begin the journey down Alisal.

Starting off on a nice, wide open straightaway through some farmland.

You hit the trees and the twisties pretty quickly. While the road is worn, it is very ridable and fairly smooth.

Very quickly you will come to the Nojoqui Falls Park. This is a Santa Barbara County park and is well maintained. There are ball fields, bbq grills, benches and picnic tables, group picnic areas, hiking trails, playground, restrooms and lots of trees. If your looking for a place to kick back in the shade this would be a nice choice. For more information on Nojoqui Falls Park Click Here.

Just some fantastic scenery through the single lane. Trees overhang both sides of the road, forming natural tunnels that call you to follow....

The contrast of colors on this Autumn day is spectacular. Note some light patching on the road; this is about the worst it gets.

Through a nice, tight sweeper that has been freshly repaved! Oh ya....

And the sweeper rockets you out into this nice twistie!

Back through the trees into a sharp twistie, again a little patching on the road but nothing major.

I live to ride roads like this! The scenery is just spectacular!

Coming through the last of the thick treeline through a nice sweeper.

Back out into the farm land and ranches.

Road conditions at this point are excellent as you zoom through some final twisties.

Passing over the Santa Ynez river, you're almost to Solvang and Hwy 246.

The Town of Solvang....end of the line. At the stoplight is Hwy 246. Alisal does continue another 1.5 miles beyond the stop-light, but it is simply through some residential areas and dead ends soon after. From here you can go west on Hwy 246 and connect to Hwy 101 or Hwy 1, or east on Hwy 246 to connect to Hwy 154.

If you are heading down Alisal Rd from Hwy 246 to Hwy 101, head south on Alisal in Solvang.

Alisal Rd is also where the Solvang Antique Motorcycle Museum is located. There is a $5.00 admission charge and it is well worth it. For more detailed information about the Museum and its collection Click Here.

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