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Motorcycle Rides Of Santa Barbara County
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* West Camino Cielo added on 07/26/03

Many of the rides listed here will also stretch out into Santa Barbara's neighboring counties of Ventura and San Luis Obispo. These are rides that may either start or end in Santa Barbara County but continue in other counties.

The Rides:

  • Highway 154 - The San Marcos Pass - West Camino Cielo New on 07/26/03
    (From Santa Barbara to Buellton/Santa Maria. Featuring - Hwy 154, Foxen Canyon Rd, Figueroa Mountain Rd, Happy Canyon Rd, Painted Cave Rd, Gibralter Rd/East Camino Cielo/Camino Viejo, West Camino Cielo, Sunset Valley Rd, Armour Ranch Rd, Ballard Canyon Rd, Stagecoach Rd ).

  • Old Highway 1, The Lost Highway
    (From Gaviota to Pismo Beach. Featuring - Old Hwy 1, Jalama Beach Run, Santa Rosa Rd, Harris Grade Rd, San Antonio Rd, Black Rd).

  • Highway 150
    (From Carpenteria to Santa Paula. Featuring - Hwy 150, Gobernator Rd, Sulphur Mountain Rd, Creek Rd, Santa Ana Rd).

  • Highway 101
    (Off-Shoot Rides From Ventura to San Louis Obispo. Featuring - Alisos Canyon Rd, Cat Canyon Rd, Palmer Rd, Foxen Canyon Rd, Alisal Rd).

  • Highway 135
    (Off-Shoot Rides From Los Alamos to Santa Maria. Featuring - Drum Canyon, Harris Grade Rd, San Antonio Rd).

  • Highway 246
    (Off-Shoot Rides From Santa Ynez to Lompoc. Featuring - Hwy 246, Drum Canyon, Sweeney Rd, Alisal Rd, Ballard Canyon Rd).

  • Highway 192
    (From Carpenteria to Goleta. Featuring - Hwy 192, Gobernator Rd., Gibralter Rd/East Camino Cielo/Camino Viejo).

  • Tepusquet Road
    16 miles of twisty bliss from Hwy 166 to Foxen Canyon.

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