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Sweeney Rd is short, 6.71 mile long ride filled with twisty bliss and beautiful countryside. While short, this is another one of those rides that when you reach the end, you look back and exclaim 'yes!', then turn back around to do it again. I would certainly rank this as one of my favorites. The actual paved road ends at 6.71 miles but if your on a dual sport you can get to Santa Rosa Rd on the remaining dirt fire road.

Sweeney drops you into 3 separate valleys, where farmers and flower growers dominate the landscape. You're first time out you may be surprised when you think you are at the bottom of the valley, only to drop down to another plateau later in the ride. Traffic is very light on Sweeney although you may see another vehicle occasionally.

I would recommend this ride to everyone. While it is a dead-ender, if you've got enough time for an extra 13 miles of riding then by all means, give yourself a treat and ride Sweeney Rd!

Sweeney Road

3D Contour Map

Sweeney Rd. is well marked in both directions from Hwy 246.

Starting up Sweeney Rd...

Road conditions are excellent as you climb into the first canyon.

Let the twisties begin! A couple patches in the road but no potholes. It is very ridable.

Through a nice 'S' curve, coming up to the first valley view...

Next you are greeted with this view. It is spectacular. As you look, you can see Sweeney cut into the mountain on the left hand side and you begin to anticipate the fun that you know lies ahead.

Heading down into the valley.

The road is cut into the mountain and there are some very steep cliffs which occasionally dump a few rocks and dirt clods out unto the road. The contrast of the white dirt and black pavement make this easy to see, keep a close eye out on the way back as you are on the mountain's side of the road.

Rounding this nice sweeper with the first valley to your right.

Turning around and looking back down the first section....

Coming around this tight hairpin, you are sling-shoted around to....

this nice twistie! Oh yea.....

Coming around the bend you are greeted with the next, lower valley. You can see the flower fields dotting the flatland.

Some nice twisties down into the next valley.

Down into the bottom of the flatlands, the road becomes a bit patchy. Not to worry, when the twisties pick up again it gets much better.

As you can see, road conditions have improved again as you shoot around this spectacular corner.

And around you come to greet the flower fields on your side.

Looking over your shoulder at the fields and mountainscapes that surround you.

Big oak trees overhang on several sections of the road as this one does around a fantastic twisty.

Heading down a relaxing straight and past another big oak tree. It is such a wonderful experience to be on a road like this, through country like this, on a motorcycle.

Blasting up around another wide sweeper...

Nearing the end of the ride, you are greeted with yet another lower valley!


Finally you reach the dirt. If you're a dual-sport rider, you can continue by going right down the fireroad, then left at the small fork immediately following and connect to Santa Rosa Road. If you're street bike bound you get to ride Sweeney back to Hwy 246....yes!

Sweeney deserves a little mention of some of the elevated corners. Look at the picture below (which was also presented above). Note the final corner. Because it slopes upward and the other side of the corner slopes downward, it is impossible to determine how sharp the corner actually is on the other side, and Sweeney has a couple which are sharper than you expect. The same is true on the way back, coming from the opposite direction. As some of the corners are very tight, the road can sneak up on you very fast, making them easy to overshoot. So please, use caution on the blind corners and become familiar with Sweeney before you attempt to test your abilities.

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