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Hwy 192 - Carpenteria to Goleta

Hwy 192 is a lovely 30.5 mile ride stretching from Carpenteria to Goleta, hugging the back mountain line all the way. Hwy 192 is well known by Santa Barbara County locals and visiting motorcyclists always enjoy 192 as it offers a wide selection of Santa Barbara scenery, from the farms in Carpenteria, the lush estates in Montecito and Santa Barbara, finishing in Goleta suburbia.

The only downside to Hwy 192 (the main ride) is that it is well trafficed. Many motorists use 192 in their day to day get-about as it winds through residential areas on both east and west ends.

Hwy 192 also offers a fair amount of nice off-shoot rides with many route possibilties for the adventorous.

Hwy 192

The Main Ride:

Off-Shoot Rides:

Hwy 192 a number of terrific side off-shoot rides which head through the canyons and mountains of Santa Barbara.

Other Highways Connecting to Hwy 192:

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