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Zaca Station Rd is a short 3.1 mile connector ride from Hwy 154 (and Hwy 101) to Foxen Canyon Rd. If you're looking for a quick route to Foxen Canyon from Hwy 101 (without going into Los Olivos via Hwy 154), this will do it. Better yet, Zaca Station provides you another loop opportunity using Foxen Canyon and Hwy 154.

The road conditions on Zaca Station are fair, a tad bumpy in spots but sustained speed is possible. Traffic is light although you will see a few motorists from time to time.

The ride was shot heading from the Hwy 154/Hwy 101 entrance to Foxen Canyon Rd.

Most mapping programs show the entrance into Zaca Station as incorrectly being a separate exit on Hwy 101 (as shown here), when in fact it is connected to Hwy 154 (as shown in the picture below), which exits at Hwy 101:

3D Contour Map

Zaca Station is fairly well marked. It's not even 1/4 mile on Hwy 154 (north-west) from the Hwy 101 exit. You can't miss it.

Starting off on Zaca Station from Hwy 154 - Hwy 101. You are greeted with vineyards and open land.

A few gentle twisties through the country side. This is the typical road condition, which is fair but a bit bumpy.

Nice wide open sweeper through some nice, wide open land.

Entering the heart of wine country on a patchy sweeper and a nice straightaway.

End of the line. The first intersection you come to is Foxen Canyon Rd. Zaca Station Rd then turns into Foxen Canyon Rd. once past the intersection (as you can see from the map at the top of this page).

Hwy 154, Hwy 101

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