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The Hwy 154 ride was shot going North, from Santa Barbara to Buellton. Just reverse everything if coming from the other direction.

Hwy 154. In Santa Barbara exit from Hwy 101 at the El Sueno offramp, which will take you directly to 154. You can also exit from Hwy 192 directly onto Hwy 154. If exiting from Hwy 101 near Buellton simply exit on the Hwy 154 offramp, it is well marked.

3D Contour Map

Once on 154 your first mile and a half are on straight freeway which passes Hwy 192 and then up to the mountains and into the Los Padres National Forest.

For the next few miles you climb in elevation through some single lane which winds up the mountain.

Because Santa Barbara is a coastal town, you may run into some thick fog from time to time and Hwy 154 will usually cut right through the middle of it (as shown in the picture below). However, you will also break over the top and reach sunshine and usually, the other side of the mountain through the Santa Ynez Valley is sunny and warm. In any case, be careful cutting through the fog if any is present.

Some nice wide twisties. Sustainable speed is possible if no traffic is present.

Once over the top, you head down in elevation through some 2 lane sweepers. Watch those tar patches, especially on the hot days; they can be slick. Fortunately there is not too much of this and the majority of the ride has excellent road conditions.

You will soon pass over the Cold Springs Arc Bridge. Quite a thing to behold from underneath. You barely notice it from the topside.

Back to some 2 lane straights with excellent road conditions.

If your riding for the scenery, be sure to pull off on some of the Vista Points (well marked on 154). Some spectacular views are to be had. Of course, you get to see all of this while riding, but take to time to really see it, without distracting you from the road.

Nearing Lake Cachuma on a wide sweeper.

A lot of straights in-between the twisties. Passing lanes are provided every few miles, so if your stuck behind a camper or other cage type vehicle be patient, your time will come...

Lake Cachuma. The Lake is a public recreation area with camping and all the amenities. Information about Lake Cachuma can be found at: Cachuma Lake Campground and Recreation Area. Additionally, if you happen to be running low on gas, the recreation area has a 76 brand gas station inside and the park will give you a free 15 minute pass so you can gas up (has saved me a couple of times). Signs for the entrance into the Cachuma Lake Recreation Area are well posted and easy to see.

Twist and shout.

Try to remember the area is surrounded with wild-life. Your biggest concern are deer, but other small animals can be hazards as well.

Just some terrific scenery to take in! Can you find the grape vineyards in this picture?

Contrasting the chaparral are a few nice green pastures.

I spy a road! Little twistie roads like this dart out everywhere, taunting you.

Tale of 2 bridges. Left hand picture shows the current Santa Ynez River bridge and the old Santa Ynez River bridge (and road) side by side. Both stand together, you only get to ride one. The right hand picture shows a better shot of the old bridge. I'm not sure why or when the new bridge replaced the old, the old bridge sure looks passable.

Hwy 246 intersection. If you are bound for Santa Ynez or Solvang hang a left. Solvang features the Solvang Antique Motorcycle Museum and I highly recommend a stop by to check it out.

Heading out on the flats towards Los Olivos.

Farms and ranches dot the countryside.

Back to a few wide sweepers before reaching Hwy 101 again.

End of the line, Hwy 101. From here you could make a left to go back to Buellton, Solvang or Santa Barbara or make a right to continue up to Los Alamos, Pismo Beach or further. Hwy 154 dead ends immediately after the freeway overpass.

Highway 154

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