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Highway 1
Hwy 154 - The San Marcos Pass
Santa Barbara to Los Olivos & Buellton

Hwy 154 (also known as The San Marcos Pass) is a nice 33.5 mile ride traversing through a portion of the Los Padres National Forest. The ride is well known by Santa Barbara motorcyclists and motorists as well.

Hwy 154 connects Hwy 101 in Santa Barbara to Hwy 101 near Buellton and Santa Maria. Because of this, you will find somewhat congested conditions on the weekdays, especially during morning and evening commute times. Hwy 154 is also used to access Lake Cachuma, a very popular recreational area. Additionally, Hwy 154 can be used to get to the towns of Solvang (via Hwy 246) and Los Olivos, 2 popular tourist destinations. Finally, Hwy 154 is the access point to The Cold Springs Tavern, probably the areas most popular biker hangout on the weekends. So, you'll find all kinds on Hwy 154; commuters, campers and packs of bikes.

Hwy 154 in itself is a very nice ride, taking you through some great central California scenery. It also is the starting point for some terrific off-shoot rides which can take you through the heart of Santa Barbara wine country, or to the mountains of the Los Padres National Forest. Road conditions for Hwy 154 are, for the most part, excellent.

The Main Ride:

Off-Shoot Rides:

Hwy 154 offers oodles of terrific side roads which head through the canyons, mountains and valleys of Santa Ynez, Los Olivos and the Los Padres National Forest. Some of these are long rides, some are quite short.

Other Highways Connecting to Hwy 154:

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