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The mission of this website is to present as many rides in Santa Barbara County as possible in a clean, easy to use format. Photos, descriptions and detailed maps are provided for each ride. Originally the site was intended for street motorcyclists, but is organized so that dirt riding and mountain biking may be added in the future (street bicyclists and sports car enthusiasts may be interested in all the motorcycle listings as well). The website began on 5/1/2002 and was launched on 8/5/2002. It is constantly expanding to include new rides and destinations and is free to all visitors.

Many of the rides listed here will also stretch out into Santa Barbara's neighboring counties of Ventura and San Luis Obispo. These are rides that may either start or end in Santa Barbara County but continue in other counties.

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Attention Santa Barbara Residents: Help create Santa Barbara County Regional Motorcycle Park. Thats right, the effort is underway! Click here to read about it and sign the petition.

Friction-Zone Magazine!
A big thanks to Friction-Zone magazine for the fantastic write-up of and websites, Spotlite section, Oct. 2002 Issue.
Friction-Zone Magazine!
November 17, 2002 Sunday Issue of The Santa Barbara News Press does a feature article on motorcycling in the county, featuring SBC-Rides as a reference and the site's author on the front page of the "Life" section! Kudos to Starshine Roshell for this fine article!

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